Kadir Jun Ayhan is a professor at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies Graduate School of International and Area Studies (HUFS). Before joining HUFS, Ayhan worked as a lecturer at the Seoul National University Graduate School of International Studies. Ayhan’s main research interests include public diplomacy, soft power, transnational actors in world politics, global governance and active learning pedagogy for international relations.

His most recent articles are “Rethinking Korea’s Middle-Power Diplomacy as a Nation Branding Project” (Korea Observer), “The Boundaries of Public Diplomacy and Non-state Actors: A Taxonomy of Perspectives” (International Studies Perspectives) and “My Friend’s Country: The Case of VANK’s Cyber Public Diplomats” (Korea Observer).

Kadir Jun Ayhan served as a member of Public Diplomacy Scholars Group within Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) from 2013 to 2017. He has been a member of Dol Dahm Club (Public Diplomacy Advisory Group) within MOFA since March 2017. Ayhan earned his Bachelor of Commerce in Economics and International Trade (2008) from The University of Auckland, his Master of International Studies (2010) and his Ph.D. in International Studies (2016) from Seoul National University.


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